Helpful Hints

Care of your Flowers
We want you to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible.
We do this by ensuring the flowers are fresh and are made available to you in the best possible condition. Here are some helpful hints for the treatment and care of the flowers after they have been delivered to you.

Remove The Lower Foliage
Wet foliage will rot and encourage the formation of bacteria in the water. Remove all leaves from the stems which will be below the water - line.

Cut The Stem Ends
After flowers and foliage have been out of water for 3 to 5 minutes the stem end self seals to preserve the moisture in the stem for as long as possible. To ensure that the flowers and foliage will "drink" when the stems are placed in water it is most important that the seal is broken. To break the seal cut off about 20 mm ( 2 in.) of the stem at a 45 degree angle.
Choose A Clean Vase
Dirty vases can be easily cleaned by filling them with warm water, adding a few drops of bleach and giving them a good scrub.
Clean Water And Preservative
If your vase is big enough mix a litre of warm water with the contents of the Preservative Sachet supplied with your flowers. An alternative Flower Food/Preservative is a teaspoon of sugar and two teaspoons of vinegar per litre of water.

Choose The Flower Display Location Carefully
Flowers should be kept away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat such as table lamps, heaters and television sets.

Change The Water Regularly
Every three days change the water, treat the water (as outlined above) and re-cut the stems. Remove any damaged or dead flowers to prevent contamination.

Follow the above guidelines for the care of your fresh flowers and they will be yours to enjoy for that much longer.

Special Days to Remember

Apart from Anniversaries and Birthdays,
many other days are special. Here is a short list.

New Years – Celebrate the New Year with beautiful arrangement of living flowers
Mother‘s Day – Tell her just how much you appreciate her with a beautiful floral gift.
Valentine’s Day 14th  –  Make your Valentine feel loved when you send them a personally selected flower order.
Father's Day – Dads like flowers too! Our delivery service is perfect if your Dad is too far away.
Easter – A basket filled with flowers, chocolates or specially selected goodies.
Secretary's Day – Flowers and Chocolates say "Thank You" better than any Inter-Office memo!
Christmas – Stuck for that special gift idea? We have a fantastic range of flowers, baskets, bouquets and gifts for all ages.